things to do and remember

While you are waiting for the result of your exam and video assessment, we'd like to remind you of a few important things.


before you qualify

Before you are positively assessed, we welcome and encourage you to practice your skills through teaching classes. When you do this, however, you MUST NOT deliver ‘paid-for’ BoxingYoga™ classes or advertise yourself as a 'BoxingYoga™ Coach'.

If you do advertise or promote your classes, it must be clearly stated that it is FREE and that you are a ‘BoxingYoga™ Coach-in-Training’ or a ‘BoxingYoga™ Trainee’.

And, don't forget, you must not teach the BoxingYoga™ training system under any other name.

If you need to review the BoxingYoga™ Brand Guidelines - click here.


BoxingYoga™ Coaches Association  

Whether you are starting a new practice or experienced in business, membership to the BoxingYoga™ Coaches Association (BYCA) is essential to help you get the most from your BoxingYoga™ expertise and build a long and successful career.

Membership to the BYCA provides access to powerful business resources and services, including license to a wide-range of BoxingYoga™ brand assets, Head Office marketing support, consultation advice on negotiating contracts with venues, exclusive job offers and much more.

For more information about the BYCA - click here.


First Aid Qualified

All BoxingYoga™ Coaches must be trained and hold a valid First Aid certificate before teaching BoxingYoga™. You are free to choose any provider, but we recommend the online Sports First Aid course by ProTrainings - one of Europe’s most respected Health & Safety training providers.

For more information and to join the Sports First Aid course - click here.


BoxingYoga™ Insurance

Having insurance is a requirement for teaching BoxingYoga™. You are free to choose any provider, but we recommend, who have created a comprehensive worldwide insurance package for BoxingYoga™ Coaches in the UK and Eire.

For more information and to get BoxingYoga™ Insurance - click here.


BoxingYoga™ Coaches Support Group

All BoxingYoga™ coaches and trainees have exclusive free access to the BoxingYoga™ Coaches Worldwide Support group on Facebook.

Available throughout your training and beyond, the private group is a fun and effective way for students to meet with the BoxingYoga™ community from all over the world.

To join the BoxingYoga™ community from around the world - click here.