Dear BoxingYoga™ Coach-in-training,

It gives me great pleasure to officially welcome you to the home of BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training.

When I conceived BoxingYoga™ back in 2011 I hoped to provide my boxers at Total Boxer in London with an effective means of staying healthy, recovering from injury and improving performance.

Working with so many talented individuals, not least my friends Kajza Ekberg and Deniz Ates, both instrumental in the development of BoxingYoga™, I could have no idea by 2018 there would be thousands of dedicated BoxingYoga™ students and hundreds of passionate BoxingYoga™ coaches, in more than 24 countries around the world.

Before you get started with your training, I recommend you take a good look around and familiarise yourself with everything and review the written exam and video assessment criteria.

If you are on Facebook, go ahead and join the private BoxingYoga™ Worldwide Support Group to connect with your new BoxingYoga™ friends and colleagues across the globe.

Finally, be patient, take your time and ensure you read, view and practice everything. The better you know BoxingYoga™, the better coach you will be.

Thank you once again for choosing to join the BoxingYoga™ family. I wish you every success and happiness on your journey.

 Yours in training, 


Founder & CEO