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Weave/Roll (Orthodox)

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  • On returning from the Lead Hook to the Boxer’s Guard, bend the knees and rotate the torso in the opposite direction.
  • Keep a vertical spine, dipping and raising the head in a “U” shaped path, lifting the rear heel off the ground.
  • Rise to the opposite side, with the abdominals crunched, rear shoulder positioned ahead, upper body slightly off centre.
  • Avoid leaning back.

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

The Weave, also called a Roll, is a highly challenging movement for beginners, due to its demands on coordination, balance and weight transfer. Those new to boxing will need many hours of practice to perform the technique competently and with confidence, and can use this pose as an opportunity to explore a fundamental boxing technique. Boxers may use this as an opportunity to revisit a fundamental technique, refine their coordination and develop body-awareness.

Cautions and Modified Versions

The Weave is a highly coordinated movement that may require many hours of practice. Participants with knee problems should practice with modification, be cautioned, and may wish to avoid this technique altogether.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core: Gluteus maximus, hip flexors, obliques, 

Upper limbs: Biceps brahcii, brachialis,

Lower limbs: Peroneus, calf, hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus/medius/minimus, tensor fasciae latae,

Study and Reflect

Practice the Weave and notice how your core, your heels and your ankles are involved in the technique. How far to the sides and how low do you really need to weave to maintain balance? Are you rotating your core? How would you teach this technique to someone new to boxing? What do you find challenging about this pose? What parts could you practice to improve your coordination?


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