Welcome to your video tutorials

Below you will find coaching tutorial videos of all 12 BoxingYoga™ rounds, each approximately 15-30 minutes long, filmed during a Teacher Training course in Goa, India.

Though you may be in your living room, or somewhere less sunny than Ashwem, imagine you are with Kajza and her students. Have your mat, comfortable clothes and water handy as well as your notebook. Take it slow and work through one video at a time.

Watch the videos as many times as you need.

Repetition is key, so go back regularly and try again. There's ALWAYS room for improvement so keep going!

If possible, we recommend you ask a friend to practice with, get feedback and discuss what you are trying to do. Explaining something in your own words is a great technique of testing your knowledge and understanding what you have learned. 

Be curious and explore how your body feels. Ask yourself questions like; how can I improve? Why does this posture seem so difficult, or so easy? What advise would I give to someone struggling with this round? What is the purpose and what are my goals? 

Whilst watching the videos, pay special attention to: 

  • the language being used. How can you give efficient instructions? Work on developing your own teaching voice.
  • the technique of the coach and the students. What corrections would you give?
  • the usage of space in the room. From which angles do you show the postures? Can your students see you and can you see them?
  • the delivery of the demonstrations. What's the most efficient way to demonstrate so that your students can easily follow?
  • the tempo of the rounds and transitions. How is a 'real-life' group class different to a home workout session?

When you're ready - click on a round below to get started! 

Making Adjustments

Countries are different culturally, also studios and people have a different 'norm' and attitude towards hands on adjustments. Never make an assumption that you know how your students feel and think, instead approach mindfully with care and respect.