BoxingYoga™ Coaches video Assessment

We hope you have enjoyed your BoxingYoga™ journey and have read, sweated and learnt a lot! The final stage to becoming a BoxingYoga™ Coach is to submit a video assessment. 

Assessment Instructions

Assessment Instructions

OK so this is it, what you have been working so hard towards - showing us you have understood everything in your training and can deliver a BoxingYoga™ class safely and effectively.

To ensure your high quality status, to demonstrate your knowledge and skills and to enable us to qualify you as a BoxingYoga™ Coach, we require that you deliver a BoxingYoga™ on video, against the set criteria contained within the Assessment Instructions PDF. 

Remember, you only get ONE free assessment, so please only submit your video when you have fully completed your training and your written exam.


Recommended Class Playlist

You are welcome to use any accompanying music you think is most appropriate for your practice and video submission.

Here’s one we recommend that lives on Spotify -


Submitting your video

When submitting your assessment video, we recommend uploading to Vimeo or YouTube and then emailing a link to the file to

You must ensure the file is set to a level of privacy so that it is not visible by the public but that we can review the file using the private link you send.

Or, if you want to send us the actual video file, we recommend using a service like WeTransfer, that allows large files to be sent over the internet. Send the file to

We will acknowledge receipt of your video file when we receive it and aim to provide your result within 2-4 weeks. We ask for your patience while we thoroughly consider your submission.

When you qualify we will notify by email and officially invite you to join the BoxingYoga™ Coaches Association. We will also put your BoxingYoga™ Teaching Certificate in the post.


assessment video examples

For your reference, and with thanks for their permission, below are a selection of excellent assessment videos, submitted by trainees (now coaches) from around the world, in English, Spanish and Dutch.


If you are geographically located close to BoxingYoga™ HQ in London or in a region where a BoxingYoga™ Assessor lives, it may be possible to arrange a live, face to face assessment. To check, email


If you do get a referral, don't worry. You'll get detailed feedback and the advice needed to improve your practice and crush it next time. Additional assessments can be purchased for £25 per submission (both written and video included, if required) - click here.