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Twister (Right Elbow Up)

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  • From the Lunge position, lift elbows up to the sides and place the knuckles together, palms facing down.
  • Rotate the torso and lean forward from the hips to place the elbow on the outside of the opposite knee.
  • Face upwards. Spiral the spine and straighten the rear leg.
  • Maintain a 90 degree angle with the front knee directly above the heel.
  • Ensure that the neck, the spine and the rear leg are aligned.
  • Gently press the knuckles together and the elbow onto the outside of the knee to stretch the core further.
  • Lift the ribcage off the thigh and engage the core.
  • Aim to place the knuckles to the centre of the chest.

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

This posture provides all the benefits of a lunge, stretching and strengthening the legs, with a spinal twist. It develops core stability, balance and alignment. It also allows for a deep stretch for the hips and shoulders. Boxers with tight hips and shoulders may benefit from this stretch to develop flexibility in these areas as well as in the spine.

Cautions and Modified Versions

Participants with back problems should proceed with extra caution. Those with balancing and rotating difficulties may lower the back knee on the floor.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core Erector spinae, lattimus dorsi, rhomboids, internal/external oblique,

Upper limbs Rotator cuff, subscapularis, anterior/posterior deltoid, teres major, triceps brachii, finger flexors, pectoralis major/minor, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis

Lower limbs Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus/medius/minimus

Study and Reflection

On practicing the Twister Lunge, pay attention to the body as a whole. Focusing on one part of the body and ignoring other parts may result in losing form. Ensure every part of the body is active. What do you notice about your learning experience with this pose?

How would you guide a class into this pose from a Lunge position?


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