The best Get Better

A 15 minute BoxingYoga™ sequence, a full class without demonstration or how about an advanced format? 

As always, take your time and pause often. Enjoy!


BoxingYoga™ in 15 minutes

This 15-minute session is your quick fix. Do this every day and soon things will begin to change.. The structure of the rounds are slightly different, or rather comprised, but don't let that confuse you. Have fun! 


BoxingYoga™ in 30 minutes

This 30-minute class below, is available for you any time you feel like a work out but haven't quite got the time. It will still leave you feeling warm, stretched and stronger than before! 


BoxingYoga™ in 45 minutes

Here is your 45-minute class. Try to go through it twice or even three times a week while you are doing this course, even if you haven't yet studied all rounds. The first few times are always the hardest, but trust us, it will get easier! Don't forget to pause from time to time and drink some water. Have fun and enjoy the challenge! 



If you're ready to push yourself and your students, how about this advanced BoxingYoga™ class.