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Threading the Needle: Left/Right


  • From the Table Top position, slide one arm under the torso, palm facing up.
  • Let the shoulder and head rest on the ground.


Variation: Kneeling Twist


  • Lift the opposite arm until perpendicular to the ground, and reach back to the crease of the hip on the opposite side.
  • If possible, hold onto the inside thigh. Gently open the shoulder and chest. 

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

This pose offers a twist of the spine top increase range and mobility. It also opens and stretches the shoulders.

Cautions and Modified Versions

Participants with shoulder problems are advised to proceed with caution or modification. Stay supported on the knees, lower the arm, head and hand on the floor.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core: Internal and external obliques, erector spinae

Upper limbs: Deltoids

Lower limbs: Hip flexors

Study and Reflection

What do you find challenging about this pose? What do you find effective?

How would you instruct a class to perform a safe and effective Threading the Needle pose?


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