So you want to Be a BoxingYoga™ Coach?

Now you have learned the BoxingYoga™ class you are ready to continue your journey to becoming a fully qualified BoxingYoga™ Coach.

As you know, the poses are presented on a round by round basis to help you learn the technical elements of each pose and memorize the class structure in manageable chunks. The BoxingYoga™ class section will always be available for you, serving as a reminder of the structure. 

Don't forget, knowing the class structure by heart is a minimum requirement for passing the final assessment of the BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training course.  

In the following pages we are going to look at how to teach each round in detail, discuss coaching philosophy to help you develop your own voice, best coaching practices and much more - including your final exam and video assessment!

But, before we get into that - let's join Kajza and her students for another BoxingYoga™ class in Goa, India. Enjoy!