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Supine Twist (Right Leg)


  • From the Supine pose, bring the right knee towards the chest.
  • Use the left hand to guide the right knee to the left, turning the body on its side. Exhale on the turn.
  • Extend the right hand to the right. Face the head to the right to complete the spiral of the spine.
  • Relax the shoulders down to the floor.

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

A restorative pose, the Supine Twist offers participants a spinal stretch, opening the chest and relaxing the neck. Boxers may use this pose to release tension. 

Cautions and Modified Versions

Participants with hip replacements should avoid crossing the thighs across the midline of the body and practice with modification. [ii]

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core: External oblique, quadratus lumborum, lattisimus dorsi

Upper limbs: Triceps brachii, supinator, anconeus

Lower limbs: Hamstrings, gluteus medius/minimus,

Study and Reflection

How would you compare a passive Supine Twist with an active Supine Twist?


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