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Alternative Seated Stretches


  • Raise one arm up above the head, rotate outwards, and bend at the elbow until the hand points down behind the back.
  • Place the opposite hand behind the back, rotating inwards, to reach up and clasp the upper hand.
  • Maintain an upright posture.
  • Look straight forward.

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

Stretching and renewing circulation of the arms and wrists, this pose stretches the chest and shoulders. The triceps play a major role in boxing as it is these muscles that extend the arms.


Cautions and Modified Versions

Single Arm


  • Place the opposite hand on top of the elbow to stretch.
  • Participants with shoulder injuries or former dislocations should proceed with caution and modification.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core: Spinal extensors and flexors

Upper limbs: Serratus anterior, rhomboids, infraspinatus, teres minor, anterior deltoid, pronator teres,

Lower limbs: Hip flexion, internal rotation and adduction, knee flexion, ankle plantar flexion

Study and Reflection

Practice this stretch after an intense boxing session. How and in what ways do you find this stretch to be effective?

How would you ensure safety in performing this stretch?


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