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Supine Piriformis Stretch / Iliotibial (IT) Band Stretch (Right)


  • From the Supine pose, bend the knees with the feet flat on the ground.
  • Place the right foot on the left knee.
  • Clasp the hands under the left knee and pull in towards the chest.
  • Keep the shoulders relaxed and the chin down.
  • Prop the right elbow against the inner right knee.
  • Gently rock the body from side to side to increase the stretch.


Variations: Extend the left leg.

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

This pose releases tension in the hips, leg and high hamstring.[i] The piriformis muscle, located beneath the gluteus muscles, plays a key role for athletes engaged in running and sudden changes of movement.[ii] Boxers, engaged in many sudden changes of movement, benefit from stretching, lengthening and releasing tension with this particular pose.

Cautions and Modified Versions

Students with knee problems are advised to avoid this pose.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core: Rectus abdominis

Upper limbs: Biceps brachii

Lower limbs: Hips, hamstrings, knee, gluteus maximus/medius/minimus, piriformis (illiotibial band)


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