Stage 3: The Mobility Stage

is comprised of two rounds:

8. Downwards Dog Round

9. BoxingYoga™ Flow Round

This stage will stretch and strengthen your entire body. It works on explosive movements and develops muscular endurance. With a flow of signature BoxingYoga poses, the Mobility stage represents the two most challenging rounds within the class. You can expect to develop lower body strength from holding the lunge poses, as well as upper body and core strength from for example the explosive Rotating Plank Sequence. Finally, the stage works on increasing balance, body awareness and range of movement by fully exploring the spiral dynamics of the spine. 

These both rounds are performed slowly, thoughtfully and throughly. There is no point in rushing them - you simply wont gain a whole lot out of it. In contrary though, each time aim to lift your leg up a higher, open your hips wider, lean forwards further, twist you spine more... You get the drift? Never stop exploring or finding a new place where your body can go. The most incredible feeling is when you achieve something you thought was unachievable. That's what gaining means.