Stage 2: The Strength Stage

is comprised of four rounds:

4. Plank Round

5. Abdominal Round

6. Lunge Round

7. Back Round

The Strength stage consists of whole-body strengthening exercises - with special emphasis on the core - from planks and sit-ups to back bends. Each round focuses on a particular area of the body - you will soon know exactly where as this stage is gonna hurt - but trust us, this is what you need to build extreme muscular endurance in the most 'gentle' way. By gentle we mean that you will work slowly and given the chance to focus on your alignment while flexing one muscle and then stretching it straight away. You will also have the time to breathe, see how far you can push yourself and never - ever - let go of your core!

The second stage also isolates upper and lower body movements, and comprises upper body boxing techniques with an emphasis on straight wrists, maintaining the guard and correct chin positioning. In the end, your body will be fully prepared for the following Mobility stage of the class.