Stage 1: The Warm-up Stage 

is comprised of three rounds:

1. Salutation Round

2. Centring Round

3. Squat Round

The Warm-up stage is a routine of boxing techniques, yoga poses and warm-up exercises that will get you into 'the zone'. Warming up properly is essential for all training, whatever your fitness level or body. It will get your blood circulation flowing and bring awareness to the use of breath synchronized with movement. The Warm-up also combines exercises to open up and mobilize your body, alternating between contracted and expansive movement. Take it easy at the start - in fact, perform the first round as slowly as you want! There is no need to rush this part, instead take your time and enjoy the ride. 

The rounds in the first stage will strengthen the major muscle groups, particularly the shoulders, back and legs. They also help to develop balance, coordination and smooth transitions through flowing movement. This is an important skill to have from a technical point of view. Some of the poses in the stage, such as the Arm Circles, are marked as reference points to which you will return to throughout the class providing a sense of structure. It is also a reminder to BREATHE. Make the most out of each movement and consider what intention or goal you are setting for yourself. Work hard and work towards where you wanna get. 

This stage also comprises boxing movements which reinforces knowledge or provides an insight into the boxing world.