• Ensure the feet are hip-width apart and pointing forward.
  • Take a deep breath in, exhale, and bend the knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Keep the pelvis back, the chest up, and the arms shoulder-height or higher.
  • Lift the toes to make sure 100% your weight is on the heels.
  • Keep the knees aligned with the toes.
  • Release any tension in the neck, shoulders away from the ears.
  • Engage the core.
  • Lean back and “punch” forward.

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

The Squat strengthens the core, the arms and the legs. It builds endurance within the lower limb areas and increases mobility in the back. The squat is used to develop muscular endurance and a calm mind. A deep rhythmical breathing pattern is essential.  Also see Low Squat.

Cautions and Modified Versions - See Low Squat.

Anatomical Focus

Lower limbs: Quadriceps femoris, gluteus maximus/medius/minimus, fascia lata, biceps femoris,

Study and Reflect

How long can you hold the Squat for? Notice where you feel any unnecessary tension and focus on lengthening the spine and the arms. Really shift your weight onto your heels. How else could you increase your endurance?


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