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Side Plank – Left hand up


  • From a Plank position, raise one arm, turning the torso on its side, supporting the body on one arm and the feet.
  • Ensure the shoulder is aligned with the hand.
  • Place the upper foot over in front of the other.
  • Make a fist with the raised hand, look through the knuckles, and reach up.
  • Ensure that the core, back and inner thighs are engaged and aligned.

Advanced Posture: One Foot Balance

  • Participants may increase the intensity by lifting one foot off the ground completely.
  • From the Side Plank, raise the foot and hold balance.




General and Boxing-specific Benefits

The Side Plank is an effective exercise for strengthening the core, particularly the oblique muscles, stabilizing the shoulders, opening the chest and improving balance. Boxers may benefit from both counter-stretching and strengthening the arms.

Cautions and Modified Versions

Participants with wrist problems should practice with modification and support the body on the elbow.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core: External oblique, serratus anterior, gluteus maximus,

Upper limbs: Pronator, flexor carpi, triceps barchii,

Lower limbs: Rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, peroneals,

Study and Reflect

Focus on reaching up with the upper hand while lowering the hips in this pose. How does this compare with lowering the hips without reaching up at the same time? Try to create space in the lower armpit so that you are not collapsing in the shoulder. 


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