It's important to understand that a singular view of yoga gives the impression that everyone in the yoga community agrees on what “yoga” means. Yet, the community is extremely diverse.

What yoga “really” means cannot be answered conclusively within a diverse community. No single answer will satisfy everyone. So, rather than hold onto any particular view of yoga, it may prove more useful to relate to others, and continually ask the question:

What does “yoga” mean (to others)? 

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Despite being a yoga (asana) for boxers, and not a combination of boxing (the sport) and yoga, the name BoxingYoga™ is likely to spark controversy on either interpretation. This section brings together some of the main topics of debate. While these topics cannot be covered by a single text, an introduction to points in different sides may help BoxingYoga™ coaches think critically about their views on boxing, yoga, and BoxingYoga™, and discuss these views with others.