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Rotating Plank - Right Side


  • From the One-legged Downwards-facing Dog pose, rotate the hips outwards. This will increase the raised leg’s range of motion.
  • From this position, bend the raised knee and shift your weight forward until your shoulders are aligned with your hands. 
  • Move through a one-legged plank position.
  • Align the shoulders with the hands and continue by rotating the trunk and passing the bent knee to the opposite side. Keep the core engaged.
  • The hip is lowered and the knee is kept off the floor throughout the movement.
  • Maintain balance on both hands and the supporting foot. It is important to lower the heel of the supporting foot down to the ground to complete the rotation.
  • If possible, extend the raised leg after the twist.
  • Return to a One-legged Downwards-facing Dog position by reversing the rotating of the torso, opening the hip and extending the leg back up. Repeat four times.

Advanced: Twist Push-Up


  • To increase the challenge, bend the elbows to perform an intense, one-legged twist push-up. 

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

An extremely challenging, whole-body strengthening and flexibility exercise, the Rotating Plank Sequence provides both the benefits of the One-legged Downwards-facing Dog and the benefits of an intense push-up. Boxers gain the flexibility and strength benefits of a pose combining a most effective yoga posture with a most effective strength-training exercise.

Cautions and Modified Versions

Participants with wrist, shoulder or spinal issues should proceed with extreme caution or skip the pose entirely. Also see Downwards-facing Dog.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core Spinal extensors and flexors, rectus abdominis, serratus anterior, internal/external obliques

Upper limbs Serratus anterior, rotator cuff, deltoid, biceps brachi (long head), triceps brachii, pronator quadratus and teres, intrinsic muscles of wrist, pectoralis major/minor

Lower limbs Hamstrings, gastrocnemius, intrinsic muscles of foot, intrinsic muscles of the wrist/hand

Study Question

What do you find challenging about this posture? Pay attention to your breathing and alignment while practicing this pose. What do you notice? How could you improve?

How would you demonstrate, explain and motivate a class to perform this exercise?


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