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Right Arm Circle - The Single Arm Circle


  • Keep one arm in its 90 degree angle.
  • Exhale, slightly bend the knees and circle the other arm back.
  • Rotate the spine to face back and open the chest.
  • Continue motion and bring the hand up, over and above the head.
  • Exhale and draw the circling arm back down to its guarded position.
  • Maintain alignment between the arms and back.
  • To increase spinal range of motion, keep the hips parallel.

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

This counter-stretch for boxers opens the chest and mobilizes the shoulders to release tension and rigidity in the upper body. It also strengthens the back and mobilizes the spine. 

Left Arm Circle

Perform the opposite side of the Right Arm Circle.

Cautions and Modifications

Participants with shoulder or spinal rigidity or muscle tightness are advised to stretch as much as is comfortable. As a modification, allow the hips to rotate. Do not exaggerate the twist. Also see cautions and modifications for the Stand.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core: Rectus abdominis, psoas major, iliacus pectineus, hip flexors, hip extensors, trapezius, rhomboids major and minor, serratus anterior

Upper limbs: Serratus anterior, Supinator, Rotator cuff, biceps brachii (long head), middle deltoid, Posterior deltoids, teres minor, triceps

Lower limbs: Gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, quadriceps

Study and Reflect:

Perform the Standing Arm Circle. Where is your focus? Practice the pose again but this time pay attention to your shoulders and your chest. Are they open? Notice what happens to your opposite arm. Does it remain at a 90 degree angle?  Is your wrist straight?  Notice your hips. Are you twisting from your spine? 


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