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Reversed Table Top


  • From the Seated position, open the chest, inhale and roll the shoulders up and back.
  • Place the hands on the ground directly under the shoulders, fingers pointing in. See Variation below.
  • Exhale and lift the hips off the ground, supporting the body on the feet and fists.
  • Engage the back of the leg.
  • Open the chest, align the neck with the spine, and engage the muscles in the arms and legs.  

Variation: On the Knuckles


  • As above, support the upper body on the knuckles.
  • Ensure your weight is centred and balanced on all four limbs.
  • Keep the wrists straight.
  • Thumbs wrapped around the fingers.
  • Do not under any circumstances wrap the fingers around the thumbs. 

General and Boxing-specific Benefits


Cautions and Modified Versions



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