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Neck Stretch (Left/Right)


  • From a kneeling position, slowly drop the head towards the left shoulder, holding at 45 degrees.
  • Gently rest the left hand on the top of the head, dropping the right shoulder down.
  • Rotate the shoulder and arm inwards, bend and place the right hand behind the back.
  • Ensure the palm of the right hand is facing out to ensure that the shoulder remains down.

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

Boxers who habitually lift their shoulders cause tightness in the trapezius and can benefit from this stretch. This stretch also compliments neck strengthening exercises.

Cautions and Modified Versions

Participants with neck pain or who feel pain at the base of the ear rather than throughout the muscle should avoid this exercise. Participants with shoulder issues should avoid placing the hand on the back and focus on a gentle neck stretch instead.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core: Tapezius, scalenes

Study and Reflection

Practice this stretch after a boxing session. How and in what ways do you find this stretch to be effective? 


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