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Kneeling Quadriceps Stretch: Left/Right


  • From a Kneeling position, lift the torso, place the hands on the hips, and place one foot in front, roughly hip-width apart or slightly wider.
  • Hold the ankle of the rear leg and gently pull inwards, lean forward from the hips.
  • Lift the spine, engage the core.
  • Make sure the front leg is bent at 90 degrees or slightly more.

Variation: Intense Kneeling Quad Stretch


  • Grab the foot from the inside, bend at the elbow and rotate the shoulders externally to stretch and open up further.


    General and Boxing-specific Benefits

    Stretches and releases tension in the thighs and hip flexors.

    Cautions and Modified Versions

    Participants with knee injuries are advised to avoid this stretch.

    Anatomical Focus

    Lower limbs: Quadriceps, rectus femoris, hip flexors, iliopsoas,

    Study and Reflection

    Practice this stretch after a boxing training session. How does it feel to stretch the quadriceps after a circuit of squats and burpees or following a low-stance drill on the heavy bag?


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