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Standing Forward Bend


  • From the Stand position, exhale and curl forward from the crease of the hips.
  • Curl from the head down, one vertebra at a time. Keep the legs straight.
  • Relax the neck and allow the shoulders to roll forward.
  • To increase the stretch, shift your weight towards the toes slightly.
  • Deep breaths.

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

This pose stretches and strengthens the back and hamstrings. The Standing Forward Bend is an intense stretch, usually performed as a passive stretch or resting posture. Be sure to exhale deeply while increasing the stretch as it helps release tension in the hips, shoulders and neck.

Cautions and Modified Versions

Students with back problems or tight hamstrings should proceed with extreme caution and allow the knees to stay bent.

Anatomical Focus

Spine/Core: Spinal muscles.

Lower limbs: Piriformis, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, articularis genu, vastii, intrinsic/extrinsic foot muscles, gluteus maximus/medius/minimus, adductor, magnus, soleus

Study and Reflection

While practicing the Forward Bend, notice any tension in the neck and shoulders. Try nodding the head or swaying side to side. How else could you release tension in this pose?


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