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Rotating Plank - Left Side


  • From the One-legged Downwards-facing Dog pose, rotate the hips outwards. This will increase the raised leg’s range of motion.
  • From this position, bend the raised knee and shift your weight forward until your shoulders are aligned with your hands. 
  • Move through a one-legged plank position.
  • Align the shoulders with the hands and continue by rotating the trunk and passing the bent knee to the opposite side. Keep the core engaged.
  • The hip is lowered and the knee is kept off the floor throughout the movement.
  • Maintain balance on both hands and the supporting foot. It is important to lower the heel of the supporting foot down to the ground to complete the rotation.
  • If possible, extend the raised leg after the twist.
  • Return to a One-legged Downwards-facing Dog position by reversing the rotating of the torso, opening the hip and extending the leg back up. Repeat four times.

Advanced: Twist Push-Up


  • To increase the challenge, bend the elbows to perform an intense, one-legged twist push-up. 


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