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Explain the purpose and benefits of breathing throughout the class and while exercising in general. Discuss for and against arguments in cueing the breath for your students. Welcome people to share how they teach (if they are instructors already) and how they have been advised to deal with this topic by other teachers.

  • Different sizes, passed and lung capacity
  • Allow them to take responsibility for their own breathing
  • If cueing, see it through with the same pace throughout the whole class.
  • Overwhelming information for beginners. Takes a lot of practice to arrive in a technical place where you can focus on the breathing.
  • Useful for advanced students to go deeper in to the posture when exhaling and lifting the body when inhaling.

Study and reflect 

  • Why do we encourage deep breathing?
  • Why through the nose and not the mouth?

Target adjustments

Giving a target is an extremely useful tool to help people increase their range of movements. At the same time it doesn’t offend anybody as you are not directly touching anybody. Briefly mention Hands On Adjustments and that they will have an opportunity to discuss and learn much more about this later on in the course.   

Indication adjustment

Giving an indication is a minor though incredibly functional adjustment and helps student to feel where they need to send awareness. Repeat how some people may have issues with hands on adjustments, and an “indication” won’t offend anyone, yet is very effective. 


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