Tutorial: Round 7

This round is all about your back muscles which are incredibly important when throwing a powerful punch, but don't forget to use your abdominals when you do these exercises. Always when working on your back - especially the lower part - it's important to keep it supported. As well, make sure that you not building up any tension in your neck, rather, keep it in line with the rest of your spine by slightly looking at the floor in front of you.

Study and reflect 

  • Which angles are best to teach round 7 from?
  • What are yours and your student's most common mistakes?
  • How can you improve them by adjusting?
  • Which alignment cues can you give?


While your stgudents are resting between the two sets, it’s a good opportunity to give advise, for example explain correct arm/wrist-alignment in a punch (ig. looking through the knuckles to ensure that the arm and wrist is straight, the chin is down so that the shoulder can protect the chin). Remind your students about the importance of repetition and its effect on the muscle memory.

Note. Be creative and search for new ways of explaining the same thing. The second set is a great opportunity to verbally instruct differently. Use it! 

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