Tutorial: Round 6

This is for some one of the most challenging rounds. Often workouts focus on either strength or mobility. As you probably have learnt by now, BoxingYoga aim to do both at the same time. You may excel in the strength postures but struggle in the stretches or vice versa. Be patient with your body and know that it will come. 

If push ups are difficult for you, try to still keep your knees off the floor, engage the core and simply bend your elbows a little bit less - but keep pushing. Each time you will have the ability to go further. 

Likewise, if your backbend and lunge stretch is a bit wobbly and you're feeling tight and uncomfortable - start by working on with stance and move slowly with your breath.  

The backbends

A lot of people struggle from stiff backs and “locks“ in their spine, neck and shoulders. Leaning backwards can therefore be uncomfortable and even scary. Never force anybody to bend backwards and always allow the student to take the time he or she needs to find a level of comfort in this posture. 

When your students are injured.

Never begin the class without asking if any of your students are dealing with a current injury.

  • Have they been to see anyone about it?
  • Do they know how to work around / with it?

Ensure them that you will keep an eye on them through out the class and give them modifications if/when suitable. Remember to keep your word!

Note: Do not try to assess or diagnose somebody's injury unless you are officially qualified to do so. 

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