Tutorial: Round 5

It's all about the core. Heard that one before..? This round will help you fire up your centre and work on every level of your abdominals. The stronger you get, the more fun this round becomes. Keep working on it.

There is also a lot of focus on your boxing technique. As you would have noticed in your boxing classes, when you get tired and/or distracted, the first thing that happens is that you lose your guard. In these rounds, keep the guard glued to your face and by the end of the course it will have become your second nature - no matter what state you are in.  

Enjoy feeling your body extract and contract while going from one extreme to another; strengthen then stretch and never forget to breathe.

Also, take it easy with the back bends, if you are a complete beginner, you may want to ask a friend or work out partner to keep a hand behind you for support. Take it one step at a time. A nice little trick is to let your eyes lead you. 

Study and reflect

  • Which angles are best to teach round 5 from?
  • What are yours and your student's most common mistakes?
  • How can you improve them by adjusting?
  • Which alignment cues can you give?
  • How do you differentiate the first from the second set?  

Safety first

Before you go into a full wheel (if you do), think about this..

  • Give the full wheel option only to advanced students who practice yoga regularly and have control over their posture.
  • Do only teach individuals without holding up the rest of the group.
  • Do not teach if you can’t perform the full wheel yourself.
  • Ensure you are observing the student and stand close by to support if they are struggling.                                                                                                                                                                               

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