Tutorial: Round 4

This is the first round of the strengthening stage. As you will soon notice this round will strengthen your entire body through plank variations and push-up exercises. It is aimed to challenge you not only from a muscular point of view, but also from a controlled, endurance and "off-balance" stance. Some of this postures may be very familiar, other completely new. Explore, repeat and take your time. Muscles won't grow over night (or actually, they do) so keep at it and don't give up! 

Demonstrating the second set

Demonstrate the second set first, break it down for your students and aim to make it..

  • Swift
  • Informative
  • Pay attention to your angles
  • Pay attention to your vocal projection
  • Instruct to drop the heel on the back leg
  • Show in stages from easy to most advanced
  • Add press-up IF you have someone strong enough to try it in your class
  • Ask if they have understood or want to see it again


Rest for beginners and give them a chance to watch and join in on the second set. (exception for rounds 4 and 8)

Hold a posture still if it is too challenging. For example, rather than doing he press-ups or hip-dips, hold steadily in the plank and work muscles in a static manner.

Support the body by various limbs on the floor (for example, lower the knees down in the press-ups or the feet in the hip-dips).

Do less, keep trying focus on the form and alignment. In a plank for example, attempt to do a press-up as long as the form is maintained. By working the correct muscles, even an inch deep push will in due course become many more inches. Patience and consistency is key.

Study and reflect

Practice each round and write down your strengths and challenges.

  • How can you turn your challenges into your strengths?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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