Tutorial: Round 12

..and you have arrived! There's a saying that doing a yoga without relaxing in the end, is like working for a day and not picking up the pay check. Enjoy these stretches and make sure to give yourself at least a couple of minutes afterwards to entirely let your body and mind go.  

Study and reflect

  • How would you guide a group to relax and release any unnecessary tension in the Supine pose?
  • How do you guide the group out of the supine pose?
  • When is it appropriate for a savasana and when is it not?
  • How would you guide a group differently depending on the time of the day, location and student's need?


Knowing the structure of the class and demonstrating correct technique with each pose are both fundamental steps towards becoming a successful coach. However, it is equally, if not more important to adapt poses to the needs of the students. Coaching is decision making, and making effective decisions requires continuously developing a philosophy or method. No one can give you your coaching philosophy. It is something you will cultivate and develop with experience and reflection. 

BoxingYoga™ Recap!

  • Postures to stretch and counter-stretch, prevent injuries and shorten recovery time
  • Increase body awareness for technique, power, fast reactions and injury prevention
  • Develop, learn to activate and utilize your core strength for balance and power.
  • Expand knowledge of boxing technique for coordination and muscular memory
  • Balance the body out in a right -and left side manner
  • Improve physical balance for injury prevention, attacking and receiving punches
  • Expose/highlight your weakness to perfect your game, widen perspective for an intelligent body.
  • Most efficient route for speed, energy, economic pathway. teaches you not fiddle and wobble.
  • Release tension for speed, injury prevention, presence, focus and to save energy.
  • Improve breathing for endurance, power, focus and even energy release.
  • Spiral dynamics for injury prevention, increased mobility, power and a longer reach.
  • Kinetic chain for power, injury prevention, speed and technique.
  • Keeping calm for a still mind, fast reactions, patience, confidence and control in stressful environments.

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