Tutorial: Round 11

Finally, you have arrived at the cool-down stage. All these postures are seated one way or another. The stretches presented to you can be varied depending on your needs, so feel free to explore. When you stretch in your own time, stay patient and try to hold each stretch for about 30 seconds. Imagine that it's first after this half minute that the body will begin to relax and give in to the stretch.

When stretching

  • Give your students something new to think about/work on in the second set
  • Keep the delivery nice, calm and continues!
  • Encourage breath
  • Pay attention to details
  • Change angles while instructing
  • Be aware of your voice projection and observation. Keep as much connection with your students as possible.


When you coach the stretches, use this as an opportunity to explain which muscles are being stretched and in which order/why we do them as followed. Also remember that these stretches are suggestions and can be modified depending on the time of the day, location and student's needs. 

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