Tutorial: Round 10

At this point everything you have been working on in this class comes together. Your alignment, breathing, focus and activated muscles. Try to push and pull your body in opposite directions and cover as much space as possible in your stretch. Ensure that your standing leg is rooted and straight. Keep calm and don't allow the balance to make you stressed. If you start to wobble, take a deep breathe. If you fall over, don't get frustrated, instead enjoy the lessons gained from it and keep trying.  

Top Tip

In the crow posture - shift your weight forwards until your belly button is almost in line with your thumbs (pointing towards each other). Suck the belly in and “scoop” it out. Show your students the difference between crane and crow. For some, crane is surprisingly easier than the crow posture. Keep your chin down in case you fall, you will land on your head rather than your nose.


If a student of  yours can not successfully hold the crow for a few second – mention that someone’s weakness can be made into someone’s strength. It can be encouraging for the students to hear about your individual journey, how you perhaps use to struggle or still are struggling. Work together with your students as a team.

Study and reflect 

  • What is it like for you to experience flow or being in the zone when practicing yoga?
  • What inspires you to practice and coach others in BoxingYoga™?
  • What helps you persist in the face of challenging poses or sequences?
  • How could you encourage a positive mental attitude in others?

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