Be the best with a BoxingYoga™ Career

BoxingYoga™ has been described as a 'fitness phenomenon' and demand has never been higher from all corners of the world. Whatever your ambition, the BoxingYoga™ career path guides you on your journey from trainee to Master Coach and beyond. 



As soon as you enrol in a course, you become a part of a vibrant family of like-minded BoxingYoga™ enthusiasts everywhere from Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles, California.

When you qualify as a BoxingYoga™ Coach you are certified to teach BoxingYoga™ classes in gyms, boxing clubs and yoga studios, anywhere in the world.



Against defined criteria, all BoxingYoga™ Coaches-In-Training go through an official assessment to ensure the quality of their teaching. This assessment is carried out by BoxingYoga™ Assessors. 

Only a fully qualified BoxingYoga™ Coach can progress to become a BoxingYoga™ Assessor (and even a Quality Assuror who assesses the assessor). 

If your ambition goes beyond becoming a BoxingYoga™ Assessor, then you will be pleased to learn this step is also a gateway to becoming a BoxingYoga™ Head Coach.



BoxingYoga™ Head Coaches inspire wherever they go and represent the very best of BoxingYoga™.

 BoxingYoga™ Head Coaches are open to a wealth of teaching and earning opportunities, including leading BoxingYoga™ Workshops and Teacher Training courses.

Head Coaches are also selected to provide private online training to teacher training students, which is an excellent way of meeting students from around the world and doing what you love, from the comfort of your own home.



As a BoxingYoga™ Ambassador you believe in everything BoxingYoga™ stands for and your own ability to support and build BoxingYoga™ in your area - and beyond.

BoxingYoga™ Ambassadors manage single or multiple spaces, receive local enquiries forwarded from HQ and are passionate about growing BoxingYoga™ interests in your city, state, country and continent.


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