The Practical section is the core of this course. This is where you will find all Stages, Rounds and Sets of the BoxingYoga class broken down. All your postures, transitions and modifications are here too. The Practical part is structured so that you can follow it and learn consecutively on a round by round basis - but if you like, you can also bounce around and jump from one round to another - whatever your heart desires and your muscles can take!     

Below you'll find the pathway to your 4 Stages of the class. It's important that you learn WHAT you're doing in the BoxingYoga class, but also WHY you are doing it and HOW you can improve it. 

For each posture, round and stage that you practice, keep questioning yourself how you can improve, pay attention to details, your breathing and alignment. When doing an online course, with nobody watching you, the responsibility is yours! Enjoy immersing yourself in this challenge and never get complacent or satisfied. Always strive for more! 

Following your practice you'll find the 'Test your knowledge' sections. This is another way for you to study and reflect upon what you have learnt physically and intellectually. Repetition is key, so keep questioning what you do, why and how. Stay curious and don't stop pushing yourself! 

Stages, Rounds and Sets

The BoxingYoga™ class merges boxing technique with traditional and innovative yoga postures in a 60-minute class format. The four stages of the class are performed in one continuous movement sequence with intensity adapted to participant's needs and ability.

There are a total of twelve rounds within the class, most of which are performed in sets of two.

The two-set structure is designed to:

  1. Guide you through both left- and right-hand orientations.

  2. Give you a chance to improve on your first set.

  3. Provide you with increased intensity/speed, or a more challenging/advanced variation.

All the individual poses require either an inhalation or an exhalation. Though we are all different, and there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to breathe, we however highly recommended that you breathe in and out through your nose as this slows the breathing down and reduce the risk of hyperventilation. Slow breathing also lends the poses a meditative quality. Lush! 

As mentioned before, each stage of the class is presented with a photo spread to give you an overview of the class structure and a technical breakdown of the poses to help you learn correct technique. The technical breakdown consists of descriptions, modifications, general and boxing benefits, variations and an anatomical focus.  

When you click on the images of the rounds, they will take you to the breakdown of the sets, postures and transitions. From there you can continue to the next posture or go back to the structure. Simples! 

Don't forget to drink lots of water when you practise, be patient with yourself and have fun!

Are you ready? 

Let's do this. 


Below you'll find everything from the full 60-minute BoxingYoga™ class to a breakdown of each of the four stages. All you have to do, is roll out your mat, put something comfy on and place a bottle of water by your side. Take a deep breath and let's get started! 

With the stages below you can go straight to where you need to (not always where you want to) do a bit of extra work. If you jump straight to a later stage, make sure that you are warmed up properly to avoid any unnecessary injuries. Perhaps move through Round 1 a few times to get your heart rate up and blood circulation going.  

Stage 1: The Warm-up Stage is comprised of three rounds:

1. Salutation Round

2. Centring Round

3. Squat Round

The Warm-up stage is a routine of boxing techniques, yoga poses and warm-up exercises that will get you into “the zone. Warming up properly is essential for all training, whatever your fitness level or body. It will get your blood circulation flowing and bring awareness to the use of breath synchronized with movement. The Warm-up also combines exercises to open up and mobilize your body, alternating between contracted and expansive movement. Take it easy at the start - in fact, perform the first round as slowly as you want! There is no need to rush this part, instead take your time and enjoy the ride. 

The rounds in the first stage will strengthen the major muscle groups, particularly the shoulders, back and legs. They also help to develop balance, coordination and smooth transitions through flowing movement. This is an important skill to have from a technical point of view. Some of the poses in the stage, such as the Arm Circles, are marked as reference points to which you will return to throughout the class providing a sense of structure. It is also a reminder to BREATHE. Make the most out of each movement and consider what intention or goal you are setting for yourself. Work hard and work towards where you wanna get. 

This stage also comprises boxing movements which will reinforce your knowledge or provide you with an insight into the boxing world..


Stage 2: The Strength Stage is comprised of four rounds:

4. Plank Round

5. Abdominal Round

6. Lunge Round

7. Back Round

The Strength stage consists of whole-body strengthening exercises - with special emphasis on the core - from planks and sit-ups to back bends. Each round focuses particular on one area of the body - you will soon know exactly where as this stage is gonna hurt - maybe make you cry (just a little bit of corse) but trust us, this is what you need to build extreme muscular endurance in the most "gentle" way. By gentle we mean that you will work slowly and given the chance to focus on your alignment while flexing one muscle and then stretching it straight away. You will also have the time to breathe, see how far you can push yourself and never - ever - let go of your core!

The second stage also isolates upper and lower body movements, and comprises upper body boxing techniques with an emphasis on straight wrists, maintaining the guard and correct chin positioning. In the end, your body will be fully prepared for the following Mobility stage of the class. 


Stage 3: The Mobility Stage is comprised of two rounds:

8. Downwards Dog Round

9. BoxingYoga™ Flow Round

This stage will stretch and strengthen your entire body. Seriously! It works on explosive movements and develops muscular endurance. With a flow of signature BoxingYoga poses, the Mobility stage represents the two most challenging rounds within the class. You can expect to develop lower body strength from holding the lunge poses, as well as upper body and core strength from for example the explosive Rotating Plank Sequence. Finally, the stage works on increasing balance, body awareness and range of movement by fully exploring the spiral dynamics of the spine. 

These both rounds are performed slowly, thoughtfully and throughly. There is no point in rushing them - you simply wont gain a whole lot out of it. In contrary though, each time aim to lift your leg up a higher, open your hips wider, lean forwards further, twist you spine more... You get the drift? Never stop exploring or finding a new place where your body can go. The most incredible feeling is when you achieve something you thought was unachievable. That's what gaining means.    


Stage 4: Cool-Down Stage is comprised of three rounds:

10. Balancing Round

11. Seated Round

12. Supine Round

Almost there! This cool stage will give you time to integrate all that you have learnt and developed throughout the class. Use this in your balancing poses. The awareness of breath, alignment and core is essential here. Participants who perform this will find flow, control and no problems at all to balance for days (sort of!).

The last two rounds will take you through postures of kneeling, supine stretches and finally a chance to proper rest. The class is considered finished when you, in your own time, come back to a seated position with a natural breathing pattern. It doesn't seem like much, and you may feel it's a waste of time to "just lie there", but I can tell you this: Doing a BoxingYoga class and not giving yourself moment of rest, is like working all day and not picking up the pay check. Get me?



If you have any questions during your studies, feel free to use the BoxingYoga™ Worldwide Support Group on Facebook. It's a dedicated forum for students and coaches to help and support each other, wherever you are in the world.