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ORthodox Stance



  • From the Stand position, take a step back, bend the knees slightly and rotate the torso to a 45 degree angle.
  • Rotate the lead foot inwards (roughly 30 degrees) and the rear foot slightly outwards (roughly 45 degrees).
  • Lift the rear heel slightly off the ground.
  • Tuck the elbows into the hips.
  • Relax the shoulders.
  • Hold the rear hand by the side of the jaw and the lead hand in front of the chest, pointing upwards (roughly 45 degrees).
  • Gently clench the hands, lower the chin and look straight forward.
  • Balance your weight evenly on the balls of the feet. 

General and Boxing-specific Benefits

The boxer’s stance optimizes the most defensive posture as necessary for maintaining balance in motion, particularly against sudden changes of direction. Those new to boxing may use this pose as an opportunity to experience how and why the boxer stands in such a manner. Boxers may use this as an opportunity to zone in, develop body-awareness and eliminate potential bad habits.

Cautions and Modifications: See the Stand.

Anatomical Focus

Head Temporalis masseter, pterygoideus

Spine/Core Back muscles, latissimus dorsi, teres major

Upper Limbs Biceps brahcii, brachialis, wrist flexor

Lower limbs Peroneus, calf, hamstrings, gluteus maximus/medius/minimus, tensor fasciae latae


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